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Jolly Phonics Playgroup     Jolly 拼音唱遊班

This 60 minute phonics based playgroup consists of interactive activities which allow our teacher to introduce basic phonics concept to the 2-3 years old children.  Children with more exposure to phonics at an early age can pick up letter sounds and develop their blending skills faster than other students.  Our phonics based activities include singing and dancing, treasure hunting, making art and crafts and finger letter tracing.  We aim to let young children start listening and verbally practicing letter sounds at an early age while having fun through learning and playing games.


Jolly Phonics Program      Jolly 拼音坊

Phonics is a foundation for children to develop their reading and spelling skills.  Children without a solid phonics background often struggle in spelling and have difficulties in reading.  They eventually lose confidence in reading and writing and their English suffers as a result.  Our phonics workshop follow the Jolly Phonics material.  Student will learn 42 letter sounds, letter formation, blending skills, word segmenting and tricky words in the elementary stage.  They will eventually learn more tricky words, alternative letter sounds, words and sentences and comprehension in the advanced stage.  It is not necessary for a student to begin from level 1 if he/she has some knowledge in phonics.  We welcome children to come in for a free assessment to determine the most appropriate level for them to start learning phonics.  To ensure students are learning confidently, an end of level assessment will be conducted to determine if the students are capable to be promoted to the next level.

拼音是兒童發展他們閱讀和拼字能力的基礎。欠缺拼音基礎的兒童往往在拼字和閱讀上遇到困難,之後更在閱讀和寫作上失去信心。我們的課程按照Jolly Phonics教材,教導學生學習字母的發音、學習字母的形成、混音、字的分割及特別的詞彙。他們在進階班時更會學習替代字、單字及句子和閱讀理解。新學生如果已學過拼音的,不需要從第一級開始學習,我們歡迎小朋友來做免費的評估,以確定他們應從哪裡開始學習最為適合。為了令學生有信心地學習,他們升級前也有評估,以確保他們有足夠能力升級班。

Primary English Series      小學英語系列

English Oral

This is a 60 minute program with a focus on developing children's communication skills in English.  This course is open for two age groups - 4-6 years old and 7-9 years old.  The teacher will run interactive activities with the children in each class and engage with them in discussion and reading aloud articles. The younger children are required to spend more time on practicing story sequencing and story telling while the older children are required to practice more on expressing ideas and debates.  The teacher will also assist in improving the children's pronunciation and tone when speaking English.  By having more conversations with our native English teacher, children will eventually follow the teacher's accent and use of vocabulary.

這個60分鐘課程主力加強孩子的英語溝通能力。分兩組級別: 四至六歲和七至九歲。每課均有不同的活動,包括小組討論和朗讀文章。四至六歲級別的孩子會練習重組故事和序述故事,而七至九歲的孩子則練習怎樣表達自己和進行各種辯論。老師會特別留意他們的音調和發音,加以改善。透過多跟英語教師對話,學生自然地會跟隨老師的口音和用字。

English Writing

Children in Hong Kong often struggle with their compositions.   The major cause is that our children do not spend much time on reading English books and thus, lack of vocabulary.  Building up vocabulary allows yourchildren to use stronger and more descriptive words in their writing.  We do not only introduce the skills of writing different types of articles to the students, we also ask our students to spend some time to read aloud articles in class and learn vocabulary.  With more practice in writing and building up a vocabulary bank, students will gradually build up confidence in English.  English Writing Workshop is one of our Primary English series courses.  Level 1 writing is for P.1 to P.2 students starting with learning proper sentence structures and writing paragraphs.  Level 2 writing is for P.3 to P.4 students to learn writing different types of articles and further their vocabulary.  Level 3 writing is for P.5 to P.6 students to learn more about writing persuasive, explanatory and informational articles.

香港的學生往往在英文寫作上遇到困難,主要的原因是他們並沒有花太多的時間閱讀英語書藉而缺乏詞彙。學生若能建立詞彙庫,他們便能在寫作中使用更貼切和更具描述性的詞彙。老師在課上不但教導學生寫作不同類型文章的技巧,也要求他們花一些時間在課堂上朗讀文章和練習用字和修辭。透過多練習,學生將在英語寫作上逐步建立自信心。英語寫作班是我們的小學英語系列課程之一。第一級是教導小一至小二學生學習正確的句子結構和學習簡短寫作。 第二級是教導小三至小四學生學習寫作文章和學習用字及修辭。 第三級是教導小五至小六學生學習寫作有說服力、有描寫性和知識性文章。