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Referral Program  學生推薦計劃


Here’s how it works:

  • Spread the word about your child’s favourite class or teacher at Tadpoles.         

  • Every new student enrolls any of the below-mentioned courses and quote your child’s name, you will receive a $100 deduction towards your November course fee.

  • Your friend will receive an immediate deduction of $100 upon enrollment.

  • The more friends you refer the more deduction you will enjoy.


  • 與你的朋友分享你孩子在Tadpoles最喜愛的課程或老師。

  • 每位你推薦的新生報讀以下任何課程,並以你孩子為推薦人,你將獲得100元折扣,並將在你的11月學費扣減。

  • 你推薦的朋友所獲得的100元折扣會在報名時立即扣除。

  • 推薦朋友越多,你將享受的折扣越多!

Tadpoles courses:

Oxford Comprehension & Writing

LEGO Education Afterschool Programs

Jolly Phonics

Cambridge YLE