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Our Academics

Tadpoles Learning Centre offers professional English programs for children from 3 years old.  Our most popular programs include Oxford C&W, Phonics, Cambridge YLE Starters, Movers and Flyers.
Oxford Story Phonics

Learning phonics in a fun and engaging way helps our children to familiarize themselves with the letter sounds and improve their blending skills.  With the curriculum provided by Oxford, our teachers help children to recognize the letter sounds, learn and practice blending skills, know how to decode words, learn vocabulary and read simple sentences.  The program is designed for kindergarten students which helps them to build a solid foundation to head start reading and writing.  

English Writing

Children in Hong Kong often struggle with their compositions.   The major cause is that our children do not spend much time on reading English books and thus, lack of vocabulary.  Building up vocabulary allows your children to use stronger and more descriptive words in their writing.  We do not only introduce the skills of writing different types of articles to the students, we also ask our students to spend some time to read aloud articles in class and learn vocabulary.  With more practice in writing and building up a vocabulary bank, students will gradually build up confidence in English.  English Writing Workshop Level 1 writing is for P.1 to P.2 students starting with learning proper sentence structures and writing paragraphs.  Level 2 writing is for P.3 to P.4 students to learn writing different types of articles and further their vocabulary.  Level 3 writing is for P.5 to P.6 students to learn more about writing persuasive, explanatory and informational articles.

Oxford C&W

Through specially designed exercises based on Hong Kong school curriculum, students will be exposed to topical vocabulary, reading strategy and question-answering skills during the comprehension lessons. They will then learn to master the text types, grammar rules and writing techniques in the writing lesson. Composition has never been easier!

Cambridge YLE

Our Cambridge YLE (Starters, Movers and Flyers) curriculum is designed to help students between 5 to 12 years old to learn everyday written and spoken English.  The engaging materials published by Cambridge help students to gain confidence in reading, writing, listening and speaking English.  It is also a great course for students who prepare for the Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) tests.

English Oral

Our English Oral classes engage children in every minute.  Through our interactive activities, our children are motivated to speak up and express their thoughts.  Our courses are also designed to help students gaining confidence especially a lot of them need to prepare for school interviews.  Our programs are designed for children from 3 to 12 years old.  Activities are appropriate their ages. Activities include story sequencing and telling, story reading with the teacher, newspaper reading and discussions, show & tell, games like charade and Guess Who, and a variety of games that help students to gain confidence in speaking while having fun.

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DSE English

With the support guidance from our Native English Teachers, your children will not only improve their English, but they will also learn the English exam techniques, build up confidence in writing and speaking, enjoy reading a wide range of articles and interacting with English speakers.  Your children will become more confident in handling exam questions by familiarizing themselves with the questions and text types that they will have to deal with in the exam.

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