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Due to the latest epidemic development, we believe that it’s safer for children to stay at home. Their health and safety is always our primary concern. During these difficult times we want to offer the children a sense of normality and allow them to continue to develop to their full potential by engaging their heart, souls and minds. We have always valued the support of each and every one of you and we have decided to move our lessons to an online platform so that our loved ones can keep learning and growing. 

An online environment is different from that of a classroom but it is still an excellent opportunity to allow students to interact with our teachers (and each other) in a safe and fun environment.  

We will be making our lessons available on Google Hangouts. Parents can prepare either a smartphone, computer, iPad or tablet and a Gmail account for your children to enjoy the interactive lesson. If you need technical support, please feel free to contact us. 

Please also note that:

1. Class time may be different from the original schedule. If you cannot do the assigned class time, we will try our best to work with you to arrange another time.

2. Students who joined online lessons in February will be entitled to 4 live lessons if they enroll for March classes. (Classes can be booked within 3months)

We will maintain a close communication with parents to help students benefit fully from the arrangement. We will also be continually re-evaluating the situation and adjusting the arrangements accordingly.


Thank you again for all your kindness, understanding and cooperation.



我們會使用Google Hangouts進行視像教學。家長請為小朋友準備手機、電腦、ipad或平板電腦類産品,並申請Gmail帳戶。如有關於技術方面的問題,歡迎跟我們聯絡。


1)    學生實際的上課時間,可能跟原定時間不同,我們會盡量跟家長協調。

2)    二月份上視像課堂的學生,如報讀三月份課堂,將會加送4堂1小時Live課堂,於未來3個月内上課。